Dental treatment nearby the apartment with discounts


Why should you come for dental treatments to this Clinic?

  • Free consultation

  • Free panoramic X-ray

  • Free treatment plan and price quotation

The clinic is specialized in aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry and implantology, work with highly qualified Hungarian dentists specialized in aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry and oral surgeons/implantologists. They treat many patients who come to us from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Switzerland, France, Germany, Norway etc.). You might be interested to know that dental treatment carried out in Hungary can be claimed back from your health insurance company back home!

This friendly clinic is well equipped with the latest facilities and modern technology.

All staff and dental specialists speak English in the clinic.

Partnering dental clinic in the UK offers not only FREE consultations, but check-ups and guarantee treatments as well in order to help our patients.

Excellent location in the 1-st district, Buda Castle area.


  • West European quality

  • Unbeatable prices in the centre of Budapest

  • Infection control

    In Hungary, dental treatment is very competitive compared to UK and Ireland prices, although the quality remains the same. These savings allow you to relax and enjoy all what Budapest has to offer while we work on your fascinating new smile.

Working with specialists

Cooperation with highly qualified dental specialists in all areas:

  • Cosmetic dentistry

  • Implantology

  • Orthodontics

  • Endodontics

Price list - 2010

Treatment and price list Abbreviation Euro
Panoramic X-ray (2-nd) PR 39
Small X-ray/tooth RX 20
IMPLANT AlphaBio IAB 449
IMPLANT Nobel Biocare INB 700
Implant abutment AlphaBio PAB 149
Implant abutment Nobel PNB 200
Implant abutment zircon PZ 350
Implant healing abutment HA 66
Crown on implant CI 240
Porcelain crown fused to metal PMC 199
Porcelain shoulder for crown PS 66
Porcelain crown - full jacket E-MAX FJC 290
Zircon crown metal-free ZC 350
Crown - temporary solution TC 29
Extraction E 50
Surgical extraction ES 99
Sinus lift/side SL 699
Bioresorb - synthetical bone OS 120
Surgical intervention RES 150
Hygienic treatment-scaling/jaw HT 40
ZOOM advenced power whitening ZOOM 299
Home whitening with guard BM 199
Denture temporary 1-6 teeth D1 242
Complete denture temporary 7-14 teeth D7 330
Complete denture IVOCLAR IVO 500
Denture cast metal DM 500
Implant Bar BC 350
Denture precision attachment MK1 250
Denture relining/rebasing DR 82
Root canal treatment/canal RF 99
Post/core PC 120
Filling composite F 66
Veneer porcelain E-MAX V 290
Inlay/onlay porcelain E-MAX PI 290
Gnathological treatment (occlusion) TG 429
Nightguard G 121
General anesthesia AG 500
Medication (antibio, painkiller etc.) M 50
Surgical membran   120

Our apartment guests recieve discounts for dental treatments. For more info please contact us.