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Patrick is a writer, composer, and experienced touring musician based in Philadelphia. Band merchandise is proving to be a reliable revenue stream for everyone from established artists to up-and-comers hitting the road for the first time.

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If your band hopes to sell lots of merch at shows, your fans should know exactly where the merch booth is from the second they walk into the venue. Setting up an area with your own distinct lighting is a great way to get as many eyes on your merch as possible.

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Put your merch for sale on as many online platforms as possible. A classic merch-mistake many bands make is to fork over a ton hogy pénzt keressen money for shirts, stickers and pins only to sell them at shows and not anywhere online. Going to a show and drinking can be expensive, and your fans might not be prepared to fork over even hogy pénzt keressen money on your stuff, even if they like your music and want what you have to sell.

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A lot nagyszerű módja annak bands could benefit from broadening their idea of what sorts of things they could sell to their fans, and strictly sticking to selling shirts, albums and stickers might be a missed opportunity for yours. Depending on the unique identity of your band, being cheeky, goofy or just plain twee in the things you have for sale at your merch table might be a good way to earn your band some cash and get people talking about you at the same time. Make sure someone is hogy pénzt keressen man the merch booth at your shows.

This is a really obvious tip, but it has to be said.

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Having someone man your merch area on tour might be challenging, but earning as much money on the road as possible is essential for serious bands trying to build a presence nationally.

Bringing a friend along to help or getting a fan or two into your shows for free in exchange for their merch-slinging services on tours will help your band make the most out of its merch situation on the road.

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Use a payment platform that accepts credit cards. Our society is growing increasingly reliant on cards as a way to pay for things, and only accepting cash from fans will inevitably cost you sales and some serious money over time.

But the small fees associated with accepting credit card payments quickly become worth it when you begin to see how much more merch you can sell when you take plastic.